Help Our Clayton Neigbors

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s economic situation, and many of us more than others. Clayton’s economy is dependent on small businesses, which have been hit hard like every other small business.

The bocce committee encouages our league players (and everyone else in Clayton) to patronize our downtown eating establishments, BUT ONLY IF SOCIAL DISTANCING AND HYGIENE IS STRICTLY OBSERVED. (Or better yet, have products delivered when possible.)

But we want to go further. Among the many victims of this pandemic are those with not enough to eat or who are unable to access other basic services (e.g., haircuts) and who, even after the pandemic ends, may be out of a job. It is for the benefit of those less fortunate that this message is being sent to all teams (and by extension all players).

The CBCA (an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charity) will begin accepting donations for the purchase of gift certificates to any of our local businesses. The process would be as follows:

Click here
to make a donation.

You will need to:

We will periodically convert your donations to gift certificates. Once we have purchased the certificates we will distribute them to local groups that help those in need. We reserve the right to exercise some discretion to redirect gift certificates if, for example, the business chosen is no longer in business, does not accept gift certificates of any kind, or is not 'local.'

100% of your donation will go toward the purchase of gift certificates. The small transaction fee charged by PayPal will be covered by the CBCA.

This will be a completely transparent process. We will provide a public accounting (on the website) of how much money was collected, how much in gift certificates were purchased and to where, and to whom the certificates were tendered to for donation to those in need. We will continue this for as long as we are able to collect donations.

Click here
for details of receipts and disbursements

We are happy to answer questions email us or contact one of the bocce committee members.

We look forward to the day bocce returns to Clayton and we thank each of you for your continued support, not only of the game, but in helping others during this national crisis.