Clayton Bocce League

2021 Fall League Rosters

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A:Mon 6:30pm B:Tue 6:30pm C:Wed 6:30pm D:Thu 6:30pm E:Fri 7:00pm

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Group D: Thursday Night (6:30 pm)

Team #1: Balls to the Wall

This is a returning team. In the 2019 Fall League they played as Balls to the Wall in Group D: Thursday Night (6:30 pm).

# Nick Name First Name Last Name Note
1 Nick Nick Adamle
2 Rob Rob Bassi r
3 Stacie Stacie Bassi r
4 Cathy Cathy Duckworth crp
5 Kyle Kyle Duckworth r
6 Mike Mike Duckworth r
7 Shaun Shaun Duckworth
8 Kelly Kelly Stiller r
9 Michelle Michelle Stiller
10 Tim Tim Stiller r
c = Capo
r = Returning team player
p = Previous team Capo