Clayton Bocce League

2023 Spring League Playoffs Seeding

This page shows what the playoff seeding would be based on the current standings.

The top 4 teams in each group advance to the playoffs.

The top 4 of the remaining teams, ranked across all groups, advance to the playoffs as wildcards.

Group Winners Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct Diff
2East County Rollers 2F213.875+132
3Will Bocce For FireballE132.867+70
4Ed’s Mudville Grill #9B183.857+107
5Team DebocceryD183.857+99
6Bellas & FellasA174.810+112
7Mikes Auto BocceF195.792+112
8Venture BocceC195.792+89
10Moresi's ChophouseD165.762+59
12Bust N more BallsA177.708+89
13Breaking BocceF177.708+81
14Rolling with my HomiesG168.667+54
15It's Bocce Time SomewhereA147.667+43
16The SopranosC168.667+32
18No PressureF159.625+40
19Bocce BanditsC159.625+30
20Love is a Bocce FieldE117.611+12
21J.R. ElectricalB1410.583+23
22Ciao BellaE75.583+2
23Mazzei Chevrolet CDJRB129.571+20
24Joanie & The JetsA129.571+2
25Rodie's Rollers IID108.556+16
26Funky Cold PallinosG1311.542+22
27The Happy CampersD1110.524+20
28Bocce FriendsB1110.524+14

Wildcard Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct GB Diff
1The BallisticsF159.625-+35
3High RollersD1110.524+6
4Rollin DonutsD1110.524+1
5Padrini di BocceD1110.524-1
6Casino KingsB1110.524-4
7Hard BallersB1212.5003+1
8Softball RejectsG1212.5003-3
9Dammit JanetA1212.5003-8
10The In Crowd Di NuovoG1314.481+6