Clayton Bocce League

2019 Summer League Playoffs Seeding

This page shows what the playoff seeding would be based on the current standings.

The top 4 teams in each group advance to the playoffs.

The top 4 of the remaining teams, ranked across all groups, advance to the playoffs as wildcards.

Group Winners Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct Diff
1Fireballs IIB1801.000+104
3Chewbocce TooA162.889+106
4Matt Mazzei Chevrolet CDJRF183.857+111
5C’Mon ManD153.833+64
6Blenderheads TooA144.778+79
7Ed’s Mudville GrillE165.762+79
8Mazzei RealtyD165.762+77
9Team PallinoE165.762+76
10I VincitoriC165.762+70
11The Soggy BallersE165.762+68
12Bocce BolasC156.714+60
13Rodie’s RollersC126.667+61
14How Hard Can It BeA147.667+58
15The WinersB126.667+56
T16Killer BBBsF147.667+37
18Bust N’ BallsG105.667+36
19Empty NestersB105.667+15
20Son of a Be-occeE138.619+28
21Bocce AmiciC138.619+23
22Mission ImbocceballF117.611+15
23Bocce Barons IIIA117.611+13
24Tuesday Night LightsD129.571+32
27Meadow MaulersB1110.524+26
28Swingin' UttersG99.500-6

Wildcard Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct Diff
1Grateful HeadsA96.600+22
2Vino e BocceC1110.524+37
3Pendletons 1D1110.524+31
4Bubbles and BrewsF1110.524+18
5Pallino AttackersF1110.524+10
6Red StripesF1110.5240
7Bada BingB99.500-4
8That’s How We RollB99.500-12
10Molto CamorraG78.467+11