Clayton Bocce League

2022 Spring League Playoffs Seeding

The top 4 teams in each group advance to the playoffs.

The top 4 of the remaining teams, ranked across all groups, advance to the playoffs as wildcards.

Group Winners Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct Diff
1Xvengers IIC261.963+220
2East County Rollers 2F252.926+177
4Bellas & FellasA225.815+143
5Ed’s Mudville Grill #9B225.815+114
7Team DebocceryD216.778+110
9Will Bocce For FireballE216.778+104
10Softball RejectsG207.741+59
11Breaking BocceF198.704+109
13Members OnlyB198.704+74
14J.R. ElectricalB199.679+57
15Irish CarbombsE189.667+80
16Mikes Auto BocceF189.667+76
17Padrini di BocceD189.667+68
18The In Crowd Di NuovoG1611.593+55
19Dammit JanetA1611.593+54
20No PressureF1611.593+50
T21Wine Tasting FriendsE1611.593+39
T21It's Bocce Time SomewhereA1611.593+39
24Rodie's Rollers IID1611.593+21
25Funky Cold PallinosG1512.556+44
26Pretty Pink Ponies XD1512.556+38
27Bocce BumsC1413.519+18
28The SopranosC1314.481+2

Wildcard Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct GB Diff
1The BallisticsF1611.593-+14
4High RollersD1512.5561+20
5Bust N more BallsA1512.5561+5
6Bocce PiratesE1413.5192+14
7Ciao BellaE1413.5192+9
8Shuga BowlersD1413.5192-6
9Mai Tai MayhemD1314.4813-8
10Jolly RanchersA1314.4813-10