Clayton Bocce League

2022 Fall League Playoffs Seeding

This page shows what the playoff seeding would be based on the current standings.

The top 4 teams in each group advance to the playoffs.

The top 12 teams in the playoff seeding have a first-round bye.

Group Winners Seeding

Pos Team Grp W L Pct Diff
1Moresi's Chophouse IIA901.000+57
2Rollin' StonesD601.000+56
3Family TiesD601.000+32
4Pesky PallinosB81.889+56
5Chewbocce 3E81.889+37
6Throw Pallino FirstC51.833+28
7Pizzamen BocceC51.833+27
8Balls to the WallD51.833+25
10Just BocceA72.778+33
11Still the WinersA72.778+30
12Pallino PosseE63.667+23
13Mazzei ChevroletB63.667+14
14Still Rolling with my HomiesE54.556+20
15The In CrowdE54.556+3
16Wyld StallionsB54.556-1
17Bocce BiatchesD33.500+11
18Low BallersC33.500+2
19Freddo BocceC33.500-6
20Trina's Rollers IIA45.444-2